If you are looking for any investment in real estate, whether it is residential or commercial, or want to settle in Pune, India, you can always invest in a rural or growing urban area. where the price of a piece of land is comparatively lower than in other regions of the city. If you are looking for long-term investing in real estate, you can rely on this area. The reason is that the land is developing on the one hand, and on the other hand, road connectivity and transportation are also growing. So, if you can buy land over there for x amount of money and then sell it for a higher amount when the price rises due to town development, you can build your own building, complex, or home.

Here we have listed some of the prime locations where you can choose your properties.


In east Pune, the real estate market is at its peak now. The area is currently developing, like every time the map adds a new affordable location. With fast-growing roads, safe and secure transportation is also given. Both residential and commercial buildings are being built in these areas. You will find various choices for property in Kharadi, east Pune. As of now, you can easily roam around the airport, Cyber City, and Kalyani Nagar in such a short and fast distance. Currently, the price per sq ft is quite lower than in the other regions of Pune. After three to five years, you will find a major hike in price as a result of infrastructure development in Kharadi, Pune. In Kharadi, the developed buildings have affordable prices to purchase or rent houses, office spaces, or shops. If you are working in the IT sector near Kharadi, east Pune, The travel distance will be reduced, so you can save money on transportation. You may also contact Ahuja realtors for better deals in Kharadi East Pune.

Viman Nagar

Viman Nagar is also boosting residential properties with high speed. The reason Viman Nagar is developing is that the area is near to the airport and the IT sector is also nearby. So in Viman Nagar, are you planning to invest in properties such as hotels, restaurants, and commercial and residential complexes? The one of the finest realtors in Viman Nagar is Ahuja realtors. As traffic is growing day by day, the average vehicle owner wants a comfortable road to drive on for short and long distances. So, if you’re looking to buy or rent a home in Viman Nagar, east Pune, there are plenty of options. Furthermore, lots of facilities are available here in the surrounding areas. You will have a better return in the future. You can also develop some of your private projects here, such as schools, hospitals, and colleges.


If you are choosing properties to invest in east Pune, you might like Mundhwa Place. This place is near the river Mula, and there are also other rivers near this place. So you can always find that breeze in the atmosphere around your home. To find a perfect location in Mundhwa, arrange a meeting with Ahuja realtors. The price per square foot is much less, and has every facility you need here. The rent is also less for 2 BHK and 3 BHK. If you don’t want to settle here now, you can also choose properties in east Pune as land or plot. In the future, you can build a vacation home too if you find the right realtor there.

Koregaon park

The price of a property is quite high in this region of east Pune. But the place has peace and the unique aroma in the atmosphere with the greenery all around. There are also some guru ashrams. You can also feel the spiritual energies and vibe there too. Nonetheless, there are good places to hang out at night with friends and family. To rent or buy a house in Koregaon Park at affordable rates you may visit Ahuja realtors. The price of land and bungalows is high as of this moment. But this part is outside of the city, so in the long term, the price of land surrounding this area may increase linearly.


The price of land you buy will be calculated per sq ft, so as the area increases, the price also increases. But in east Pune, the price of 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and so on has been lower than in other areas of Pune. So, in East Pune, within your budget, you can purchase a larger area than in other city areas. If you are looking for an area with good infrastructure development in the future with a large area, you can go to East Pune. The area of congestion is also very small. There will be few traffic and parking problems on sub-arena roads.

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