Pune has witnessed a dramatic shift over the past two decades, going from being a sleepy city for the elderly and retired to one of the most vibrant places, adored by young adults, college students, and enterprises. The city’s growth as a result of the IT and industrial boom is reflected in large residential townships, enhanced public transportation alternatives, and a global atmosphere. Pune, Maharashtra’s cultural hub, is becoming more and more prominent in terms of real estate values with time. Due to new start-ups and multimillionaires eager to invest there, posh neighbourhoods have proliferated in Pune. A history of luring opulent apartment builders and real estate developers to certain residential districts of Pune includes backed-up crowds or elderly inhabitants with ancestral plots.

Top Posh Areas in Pune to Live a Luxurious Life – 

1. Kothrud: 

Kothrud, along with a few other locations in Western Pune, is one of the city’s most well-known upscale neighbourhoods and offers a mix of new-age activity and old-age tranquilly. Every Pune resident looking for a property desires to live in the Kothrud region, which is a prominent place. It is well recognised for housing some well-known sports figures and Bollywood celebrities, including Mrinal Kulkarni, Kedar Jadhav, and Radhika Apte. There are both opulent home buildings and commercial buildings.

Kothrud, out of all the other residential locations, is the most sought-after due to its highly developed social and civic infrastructure. Because it is home to prestigious colleges and IT companies, this region is favored by professionals and students.

2. New Kalyani Nagar: 

Kalyani Nagar’s extension, New Kalyani Nagar, has experienced rapid residential and commercial growth. For a visitor to Pune, Kalyan Nagar can be the greatest neighborhood. Access to other well-known locations in the city of Pune is straightforward from New Kalyani Nagar. It is close to the airport and train station and is one of Pune’s most affluent neighbourhoods. Being an IT hub, it became well-known among those in the industry and the greatest neighborhood in Pune for families to live in. Koregaon Park, another upscale neighborhood in Pune, located next to New Kayani Nagar.

3. Shivaji Nagar:

A more green area in Pune is Shivaji Nagar. Despite the fact that it is home to various important government offices, municipal courts, and educational institutions, this neighborhood is listed among Pune’s upscale areas. Due to the fact that well-known home builders bought the land here to develop houses, this location has become more significant. Due to the increased housing demand, this neighborhood in Pune has developed into one of wealth.

Due to Shivaji Nagar’s lush surroundings, many locals are making real estate investments there. Due to anticipated future rises in land prices, the local real estate market is expanding.

4. East Pune: 

Due to its proximity to the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, the Pune and Hadapsar Railway Stations, and the Pune International Airport, East Pune is one of Pune’s most sought-after areas.

The fact that these eastern locations are so close to the business and IT hubs of Kharadi, Yerwada, Magarpatta, Mundhwa, and Hadapsar is another factor contributing to their increasing popularity.

5. Erandwane:

Erandwane is home to a large number of film schools and is the location of the renowned Film and Television Institute of India. Over the past three to five years, this area—which is recognised as the most expensive in all of Pune—has experienced significant expansion.

Due to its established services and infrastructure, it is one of Pune’s premier residential and upscale neighbourhoods. For individuals seeking to purchase pricey and opulent goods. It is possible to find enormous bungalows, luxurious flats, housing developments, etc. The airport and a train station are also close by, making transportation here rather easy.

6. Koregaon Park:

Koregaon Park is recognised for its cleanliness and lush vegetation. This is a well-known neighborhood in Pune with wealthy mansions encircled by trees and office buildings. In addition to being a sought-after area for homes, Koregaon Park is now a center for business.

The numerous eateries and pubs in this region appeal to young people. Traveling to Koregaon Park is made easier by the area’s well-designed roads. The city’s center may be reached through the Agha Khan Bridge. 

7. Boat Club Road:

One of Pune’s upscale neighbourhoods is Boat Club Road, which is located east of the city. It has ultra-luxury villas and cottages. The Royal Connaught Boat Club, as this place is known, is popular among start-ups in Pune.

The Pune-Mumbai motorway, which has played a significant role in this neighborhood’s growth, maintains its close ties to the rest of the city. You can find all the amenities you require within a 2-kilometer radius. One of Pune’s affluent areas has very pricey rents. Boat Club Road is close to both an airport and a train station, making commuting simple.

8. Wadgaon Sheri: 

Wadgaon Sheri is a posh neighborhood in Pune. Many IT companies, academic institutions, medical facilities, and dining establishments are located there.

Everyone can easily access this location, making it the most preferred for residential use. Despite being only 6.5 km from the Pune Railway Station and 5 km from the Pune International Airport, Wadgaon Sheri has evolved into one of Pune’s affluent districts. An apartment or home can be rented for between Rs. 8,000 and 10,000, depending on your demands.

9. Karve Nagar: 

In Pune’s southern region lies a neighborhood called Karve Nagar, which is expanding quickly. This site has seen a significant increase in the value of residential real estate due to its closeness to important hubs of the Pune city market region and Kothrud Industrial Estate. Pune’s city center is about 5 kilometers away from this neighborhood. An important factor in the increased demand for residential real estate in this area is the Pune International Airport, which is around 16 kilometers away.

10. Model Colony: 

Due to its proximity to the train station and various other educational institutions, The Model Colony is considered one of Pune’s poshest neighbourhoods. The surrounding model city has all of the necessary amenities, including hospitals, schools, colleges, markets, malls, etc. This is one of Pune’s poshest neighbourhoods as a result. This is the popular choice for property buyers due to the diversity of eateries, hotels, retail establishments, markets, theaters, etc. Rent here ranges from Rs. 15,000 to 20,000.

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