In eastern Pune, there are two burgeoning neighbourhoods with significant real estate activity: Kalyani Nagar and Viman Nagar. The end user can choose wisely in accordance with their interests and lifestyle thanks to Ahuja Realtor comparative research of various residential submarkets.

Viman Nagar vs Kalyani Nagar – Where to Invest? – 

1. Location and infrastructure: 

Between the city’s center and Kharadi, a significant IT hub on the outskirts of the city, is Viman Nagar, a well-developed residential market. Phoenix Market Mall and Inorbit Mall, two of Pune’s largest malls, are located there, along with other well-known educational institutions such Delhi Public School, the Center of Management Studies, and Symbiosis College. One of the safest neighbourhoods in Pune is further enhanced by the presence of army and air force camps on all three sides of the area. Emerging IT hubs Mundhwa and Hadapsar are nearby locations.

A posh residential neighborhood near to the city center is called Kalyani Nagar. It is a well-known IT and ITeS cluster with a number of retail establishments and small marketplaces, although there are no renowned malls there. Additionally located here are banks, colleges, and schools, which raises the area’s total attractiveness score.

2. A buyer’s market: 

Because of its inexpensive real estate, experts claim that Viman Nagar has become the most popular location for investors. Real estate in Viman Nagar typically costs between Rs 7,700 and Rs 7,900 per square foot, according to 99acres. Professionals in the workforce who want to own a home in their name—married or single—are the main source of the residential demand in Viman Nagar. Greater preference is given to 1BHK and 2BHK units.

Comparatively, Kalyani Nagar’s typical capital values fall between Rs. 9,000 and Rs. 10,000 per square foot. Because of the services and facilities provided in the residential area, property values in Kalyani Nagar are greater. Most of the buildings built in Kalyani Nagar are brand-new developments with a variety of amenities.

3. Rental movement: 

Due to the low maintenance expenses associated with newly built spaces, most tenants prefer them, and since Viman Nagar has a limited supply of new inventory due to its saturation, Kalyani Nagar has an advantage over the former, according to experts.

4. The USP is connectivity: 

Both areas meet the needs of end users in terms of connection and mobility. Traveling is hassle-free because of quick access to buses and auto rickshaws around-the-clock, as well as Pune’s close proximity to the airport and train station. Additionally, the main Pune-Ahmednagar motorway runs through these communities from Yerwada to Wagholi.

The main issue for Kalyani Nagar residents, though, is traffic. Bishop School and Shastri Nagar, the neighborhood’s departure points, both have significant traffic congestion; in contrast, Viman Nagar guarantees traffic-free roads. Three exits from Viman Nagar, Hyatt Road, Phoenix Mall Road, and Airport Road, evenly spread the volume of traffic and provide smooth travel.

5. Municipal Dampeners: 

In terms of public utilities, particularly water supply, Kalyani Nagar surpasses Viman Nagar. Groundwater Surveys and Development Agency reports that in Viman Nagar, the water level fell by 100 feet in March 2016. Water deficit was mostly caused by the concretization of roads, which caused the water table below the submersible pump to drop.

Viman Nagar is a residential market that end users who work in Kharadi and want to live nearby can afford, according to analysts. While Kalyani Nagar is a posh neighborhood, it caters to people looking for modern amenities and services in the residential spaces and who like to live close to Koregaon Park and Viman Nagar.

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Viman Nagar is a prominent real estate location for developers and investors due to its affordable property rates. The majority of the housing demand in Viman Nagar comes from working professionals who want to purchase a property. Kalyani Nagar’s property costs are higher because of the amenities offered in this neighborhood. In Kalyani Nagar, new construction projects with a variety of amenities make up the majority of the real estate.

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