A house is four walls made of cemented bricks, a home is what you make of it.

Owning a house with progressive times has become an expensive deal. On one hand, with a sense of belonging, it also gives a permanent place for one. On the other hand, it also ties down one to a single place. It grounds you. Over the decades, owning a house became a retiring comfort for many. But, with increasing rates of inflation buying a house has become a distant dream or to be elaborate- a struggling reality.

Renting a house, like every other thing, has its own fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Unlike other things, renting comes with ample number of advantages over disadvantages.

Benefit of Renting a House Over Owning

There are many benefits of renting a house over ownership, they are as follows:

  1. Cheaper Alternative- Owning a house has become very expensive and it has given renting a place centre stage. Buying a house requires a down-payment as well as instalment of payments along with an interest whereas renting has only a security deposit which can be attained back.
  2. Carefree Lifestyle- Owning a house strains the owner with many circumstances such as loan repayments, maintenance charges, repairing charges but with the renting ideology it doesn’t affect rented individuals as much as it affects the owners. It also gives access to the amenities without actually owning them.
  3. Free and Flexible Way of Living- With the ownership of houses comes an unending obligation to settle down wherever the location of the house is and build a lifestyle that caters to the location. With renting culture, one need not be tied down to one place and has a lot of opportunities to explore opportunities no matter the location. Renting is better than buying.
  4. Change- People who are travelling from place to place because of their job or their passion for wandering into the unknown, renting is a better option than buying. ‘Change is the only constant.’
  5. Responsibility- The benefit of renting a house is that it makes people more responsible. For people who are unsure about whether to buy a property or are doubtful about whether to settle down or not, renting is a viable option. It inculcates a stronger sense of responsibility and helps them know how living on their own is different.
  6. Adaptability- Renting is beneficial as it instills the skill of adapting within people. It is a necessary skill. To be able to adapt to different places, different people, different situations contribute to an easier lifestyle without much friction in everyday life.
  7. Budget Planning- One of the main advantages with renting a property is the ability to predict monthly costs and planning the budget accordingly.
  8. No Property Taxes- The core benefit of renting a house is that you don’t have to pay property or housing taxes. This, in turn, saves thousands or even lakhs for people living in rented homes.

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